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  • What We Learned From The Snow

    Hello to all.  Quite a lot of snow left around here.  But there is a lesson to be learned regardless of the situation.  I’m not just talking about getting to the store faster so there is actually a loaf of bread left and a bottle of water.  Of course I had a full tank of gas and my endless supply of candles and batteries.  Not sure why I bought batteries but that’s we we Baltimorians...
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    Nonprofit Solicitations and TIME TO MAKE A CHANGE!

    I have worked in the nonprofit industry for over 34 years. I know many who are afraid to change the way they do things.  “But it’s always been done this way” is a reoccurring theme. The clients I work with that make the right changes are doing very well.  Here are some thoughts for you! ADD COLOR PICTURES/DIGITAL CONTENT/GIVE-A-WAYS/VARIABLE DATA TRY MORE AGE TARGETING/TESTING...
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    Inspiration comes from many places on a daily basis.  Do we take the time to notice?  The sunlight filtering through the leftover leaves on my Chinese maple caught my eye just the other day. It was a glorious sight and even though part of the leaves were brown from the fall harvest the sunlight caught a trace of bright red and vibrant green.   If I had not taken a moment to just sit and breath...
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