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  • Starting Your Own Business

    This picture is from a few years ago (yeah, right) and was one of the best Christmas presents I ever got. The red cardboard store front wasn’t on my Christmas list, but the deputy dog hat with the ears that moved up and down was.  It’s a good thing I still love hats today because I sure wear enough of them. But that’s just part of being your own boss. Accounting- hat on- check…marketing- new hat...
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    Toxic Board Members

    Many of us had loads of snow this year. In fact, it may be a record year for all kinds of storms. Global warming is the real deal and as we learn to change with the environment we should look at how we can make other changes too.  This morning when I was walking my dog I noticed how many weeds were still in my gardens even after all of the snow. I didn’t bother to pull them out before winter...
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