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  • Why My Nonprofit Clients Succeed

    Imagine a black piece of paper.  Not much interesting about it is there? So let’s add some black text and a 2 color logo.  Hmmm, any more interesting? What does it take to make your mailing more interesting and appealing? Let’s add some color to the envelope and the letter inside.  Better, right? Yes!  But is it as good as it can be? No, it is not.  Add a full color slip sheet explaining...
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    Leading The Way

    I like to be ahead of the curve.  And I love what I do.  Print & mail is my thing and so I wanted to share some great information with you. On Friday, April 8th the Greater Baltimore Postal Customer Council will host it’s annual educational seminar called Leading the Way.  If you use mail in your campaigns or prepare mail for clients or yourself you won’t want to miss this....
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    Imagine If

    Imagine if you were able to know prospects buying habits in advance and match prospective donors to your campaign.  POOF!  There is a tool and it’s called SNAPSHOT.  Inexpensive but deliverable results.
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