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  • Make It Your Mission to Help Others Achieve Theirs

    As the founder of an experienced and successful direct-response marketing agency, I know that our clients need us to do more than just “a job well done.” Our mission is to ensure that each organization we serve accomplishes its mission. As I discuss in this month’s episode of the “Direct Talk with Judy” podcast, I have always believed that we’re doing something important. In fact, our goal...
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    Learn the ‘Ins & Outs’ of a Successful Direct Mail Campaign

    Ever wonder what makes a mail campaign so powerful and successful? I recently had the chance to team up with Rebecca Teaff, my channel partner and owner of Redstart Creative, to answer that question — and many others. As a guest panelist on “The Ins & Outs of a Successful Direct Mail Campaign,” part of Redstart’s “Lunch and Learn” series, I joined Rebecca to discuss building a direct-mail...
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