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  • The Surprising Ties that Bind Us: An Interview with Tina Dickens

    Judy and Tina have worked and collaborated together for many, many years, and developed strong ties that bound them together, in a number of ways. Then, unexpectedly one day, they discovered they had something else in common, a connection that brought them even closer as friends and companions. Find out what happened and how that moment changed them...
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    You Manage How Many Pieces per Mailing – 2M?!: An Interview with Tina Dickens

    In this episode of “Driving With Judy,” we meet Tina Dickens, Agency Mail Manager at Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. Tina and Judy have been colleagues, customers, and companions for 20 years. So you can only imagine the stories they can tell, especially when it comes to the changing landscape of the mailing...
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    Making a Meaningful Moment: An Interview with Dina Wasmer

    How do you turn a painful moment — like the unexpected death of a loved one — into something beautiful, meaningful and lasting? As Judy and Dina share in this episode of “Driving With Judy,” sometimes it’s as simple as singing a favorite song. Where do you find your meaningful...
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    What Drives You?: An Interview with Dina Wasmer

    As Judy says, everybody has something that drives them and gets them out of bed every day. For Dina, it’s more than just the desire to go to the office and do good work. “It’s that sense of accomplishment,” she says. “I’m a list maker. I like creating good ideas, strategies, plans of attack and crossing them off the list.” That’s especially important, she adds, when she’s doing good work for...
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    Sometimes, You Have to ‘Break Some Boulders’: An Interview with Dina Wasmer

    Everyone encounters a crisis at some point in life, and we all have different ways of addressing it. In fact, says Judy, that is the big question: how do you handle that “insurmountable something in front of you”? Do you ignore it, run from it, or figure out how to divide and conquer it? Hear what Dina says she...
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