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    Sure, AT Direct is an experienced, direct response marketing resource for non-profits and other businesses. But, from the get-go, we have always maintained a people-first attitude. Or, as our founder Judy Antisdel likes to say, “We enjoy working with people and helping them solve their problems. It is incredibly motivating and fun.”

    We believe that attitude shapes what others — especially our customers, vendors, friends, and visitors — think of us. People want to be around other people who are understanding, dedicated, enjoyable, and respectful. That’s why we say what we sell is solutions. We look at all aspects of a project, find the best way to do the work, on time, as cost-effectively as possible, and with a smile.

    We want to be your business partner in all things direct. We’re here to help you reach your audience, make an impact, and save money. Contact us today to discuss your next project, schedule an appointment for a consultation, or take a tour: https://atdirectmarketing.com/contact

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