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  • Want to Start Your Own Business? Just Pick Up a Shovel

    People ask me all the time, “What’s the secret to running your own business, Judy?” Well, some of it has to do with luck. A little over 30 years ago, I decided to start a small company in an industry where (countless) others have failed. And today that idea has grown into a successful, million-dollar venture. Of course, it’s not just luck that got me to my fourth decade — it’s taken a lot of...
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    To Be Mean or Not to Be Mean: You Are the One Who Gets to Choose

    I was grazing on Facebook recently and came across the picture of a very young girl with glasses so big that they covered most of her face. She was so cute: She looked like an adorable little bug! The photo caption mentioned that other kids were bullying her, because of her brand-new glasses, and her feelings were hurt. The caption went on to say that, because she was being teased, the little...
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    Treat Everyone to a Drink of Water in a Glass, Not a Disposable Paper Cup

    One summer, when I was about 9 or 10, I found a brand-new friend while walking through an alley in my neighborhood, on the way to the grocery store. His name was Donald and he was black. Back then, I didn’t know there was a color divide, and I didn’t care — all I knew was that I had a new buddy who loved to do the things I did, and that made me happy. We had a grand time that summer. We would...
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    Just Give People an Opportunity, and the Rest Will Take Care of Itself

    I read an op-ed in my local newspaper recently that got my attention, and not in a good way. (Yes, I still read the newspaper. I look forward to it each morning, in fact. There is just something so familiar and communal about sharing the different sections with my spouse and commenting on what we read. It’s a quieter, less-distracted morning ritual than sharing links on social media.) What...
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    Keep Holiday Traditions Alive by Sharing Them With Others

    It’s that time of year again: time to put up the tree, hang the lights, and pick through the big box of ornaments to see which ones made it from last year (following the January 2nd “holiday purge”). Time once again, in other words, to honor some cherished traditions. I love the sights and sounds of the winter holidays — but not until after Thanksgiving, and certainly not the day after...
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