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  • Best Practices When Traveling for Business

    I love to visit new places and meet new people. I thrive on it. But I also use a mental check list to make sure I get the most out of my visits. I start by becoming familiar with a new city or destination using local area maps and knowing where I can get a great meal or what transportation is near me and how other people get around the area. I also sign up for text alerts if traveling by air so I know if my plane is on time because I want to know what is ahead of me each day and can prepare for any unforeseen changes or interruptions.

    Here are some of my best practices to make my time as enjoyable as possible and stay safe.

    1. Find out what transportation is available to get from point A to point B.
    2. Set up my itinerary in advance so I know where to be when.
    3. Check with the hotel concierge for advice on restaurants, events and what areas of the city are worth visiting and what areas are not in my best interest.
    4. Remove my conference badge when not at the conference to fit in more as a local then a stranger to the area.
    5. When walking to and from travel with a buddy or in a pack.
    6. Use alcohol carefully as it can dull our senses and make for a bad morning!
    7. If something sounds too good to be true then it probably is.
    8. If something doesn’t seem right then I leave the area immediately.
    9. Pay attention and stay alert to any changing situations.

    Like I said I love to travel and network and meet new people. I have been so lucky to form lasting relationships that have helped me grow professionally as well as personally. All it takes is a little careful planning and preparation to get as much out of your event as possible.