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    At AT Direct, we believe in being “people first” and we seek to make life better for everyone, in every way. That’s our philosophy, whether we are in the back office, working on the shop floor, or out in the community. We are people who care about other people – especially our customers, vendors, friends, and visitors. We seek to treat other people the way we want to be treated, with the utmost respect.

    Each year, AT Direct participates in a number of events in support of local charities and organizations. Our passion is to “Make Life Better Because You Can,” and our smiling logo has a name, “Hope.”

    As we reach and work with more and more non-profits, we want “Make Life Better” to become the symbol for our way of giving back. Most companies are not as lucky as we are to have a great understanding and knowledge of what it’s like in the non-profit sector. But we do.

    With “Hope,” we believe that we can “Make Life Better” for everyone and give back even more. We want you to believe that, too. If you would like “Make Life Better” T-shirts to put a happy face on your next event or program, please visit us at www.makelifebetterstores.com. We would be happy to price them for you.