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  • Her Last Wish

    In October of 1987 Anne-Tisdale & Associates, Inc opened it’s doors for business.  You know us as AT DIRECT now. Today we begin year 30. You may know about my story and why I started my own business.  Due to a last wish from my sister Susan, who was murdered in March that same year I took her dream for me and made it a reality. It hasn’t been an easy ride and at times I felt so defeated personally and as a business owner I wanted to run for the hills.

    I had to find a way to recover from the tragic loss of my best friend and  mentor and rebuild my life without her. I know my faith has much to do with resisting the urge to do something else when the bad days hit. I know the grace from my holy spirit  has watched me and helped me and surrounded me by earthly angels every singe day of my life.  And I am so proud to know that 29+ years later I am able to spend each day making her legacy of love and joy and spirit a reality. What she asked of me I had no clue how to do. How do you make a work space safe, how do you develop the best talents in the people you hire, how do you come to work each and every day and are glad you can?

    I won’t take personal credit for much of it because without the people around me I am sure this day would not have arrived. But it did. So thank you, each and every one of you whether you know it or not, that you have been a part of this success story.  There are no secrets here.  The beginning of my journey remains the same but the 30 year destination is still on and I can laugh again and love again without fear or remorse. I have learned to say thank you, to say I love you, and to say I need you.   I have seen first hand what the power of collaboration can achieve, what the celebration of life can bring and the part that we as humans have it in all.

    “Embrace the imperfect, enjoy the similarities as well as the disparities and don’t forget to tell your friends, your family and your co-workers that you love them. Today isn’t just another day – it is the next day in the miracle that is life.”

    Judith E. Antisdel