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    With a unique sense of humor and down-to-earth style, Judith E. Antisdel is a sought-after speaker providing a wealth of information about the direct-mail industry and other topics, in a fun, upbeat manner.

    A featured presenter for a number of organizations, including the U.S. Postal Service, Judy addresses a variety of topics, from mail piece design and the latest postal regulations to the benefits of personalization and how to find cost savings in any marketing campaign. With her expertise in marketing, and an eye for effective design, Judy can provide you with new ideas to refresh your brand within your market and save you money.

    Judy also can consult with you about traditional business-owner issues, such as leadership skills, sales training, staff management, and best practices for building lasting relationships with customers.

    Judy’s goal is to teach everyone — from CEOs to new hires in the sales department — the ins and outs of direct mail, how to create an optimal campaign, and how direct mail can assist in reaching their goals. Judy enjoys all manners of speaking engagements, from large groups to small breakout sessions with leaders.

    Let Judy help your organization reach its goals. To book Judy for a paid speaking engagement, contact her here.

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