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  • Toxic Board Members

    Many of us had loads of snow this year. In fact, it may be a record year for all kinds of storms. Global warming is the real deal and as we learn to change with the environment we should look at how we can make other changes too.  This morning when I was walking my dog I noticed how many weeds were still in my gardens even after all of the snow. I didn’t bother to pull them out before winter because I didn’t want to deal with them and was sure when the winter came they would go away.

    But they didn’t. Some even grew. They didn’t go away because I didn’t feel like dealing with them and the snow on top hid them but they were still there. I can keep ignoring them or I can deal with them now instead of waiting for the spring.   It’s hard to try and make a weed go away by ignoring them much like we hope a toxic board member will go away if we just pretend they aren’t a problem and we ignore them.

    A toxic board member will plant their seeds in your organization and continue to grow and spread their toxicity. The right thing to do no matter how hard it may be is to ask them to resign from the board if you can’t channel them into a positive hard working member.  It may not be easy but it’s the right thing to do.