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  • Why My Nonprofit Clients Succeed

    Imagine a black piece of paper.  Not much interesting about it is there? So let’s add some black text and a 2 color logo.  Hmmm, any more interesting? What does it take to make your mailing more interesting and appealing? Let’s add some color to the envelope and the letter inside.  Better, right? Yes!  But is it as good as it can be? No, it is not.  Add a full color slip sheet explaining where the donor’s money goes and how it feeds the mission of your organization.  Add a call to action on the outer envelope and ask multiple times for a call to action inside.

    What is special about your organization?  I’m sure you do some great things and when I open a solicitation I want to know why I should give to you instead of the many other appeals that I get each day.  Once you get me to open the mail we’re on the right track.  But what happens next? Feed me with a compelling and easy to read story about you. Why do my clients do so well?  Because they decided not to be afraid to make changes and test ideas. You know what they say in the nonprofit world – you’re only as good as your last good appeal.  So make you appeals appealing!